Set Up Syncing using the App Scan Workflow

Syncing app inventory between Appthority MTP and AirWatch using App Scan requires configurations in both products.

Sync Overview

Prior to syncing, you enable the EMM integration by supplying credentials that allow Appthority MTP to connect to the EMM in the Admin > Organization tab. See Connect with AirWatch.

Your AirWatch 9.1+ account must be enabled for App Scan 2.0.

The Appthority MTP Cloud hosts the EMM Connector, API, and MTP Manager. Appthority MTP handles app analysis based on app information provided by App Scan. App Scan sends app info to Appthority MTP. Appthority MTP maintains the list of apps that violate MTT-Managed and Custom App Policies, and sends those to AirWatch. AirWatch handles compliance escalations based on AirWatch policies.

For App Scan integrations, the device identifications will be collected but only an Appthority MTP hash for them will display in MTP Manager.

Set Up the Certificates and Sync

To configure AirWatch App Scan to integrate with Appthority MTP, both products require certificates from each other.

To enable App Scan integration with Appthority MTP

  1. In AirWatch, go to Groups and Settings > All Settings > Apps > App Scan > Third Party Integration.
  2. Click Enable Third Party App Scan Analysis.
  3. For Choose App Scan Vendor, select Appthority.

To obtain the Appthority MTP certificate

Tip: This step assumes that you have already enabled EMM integration in Appthority MTP Admin > Organization, and that the vendor is AirWatch, that the authentication information has validated, and the connection is Active.

  1. In Appthority MTP, go to Admin > EMM.
  2. In the Integration section, click Use AirWatch App Scan workflow.
  3. From the App Scan Integration Setup section, click Download Appthority Certificate.

To upload the Appthority MTP certificate to AirWatch

  1. Go back to AirWatch Groups and Settings > All Settings > Apps > App Scan > Third Party Integration.
  2. Click Upload to locate and upload the Appthority MTP certificate, and follow the AirWatch prompts to save it.

    The certificate information displays.

  3. Enter the Appthority REST API URL:
  4. It is a best practice to enable email notifications as well.

  5. Click Save.

After you click Save, the Download Certificate button is enabled.

To download the AirWatch App Scan certificate

  • In the same AirWatch screen, click Download Certificate. Note where the certificate is downloaded.

To upload the AirWatch App Scan certificate

  1. In Appthority MTP, go to Admin > EMM and click Upload AirWatch App Scan Certificate.
  2. Follow the prompts to upload the certificate from AirWatch.

To save and initiate a sync

  1. Click Save Configuration and Save in the popup.
    A notification confirms the upload.

    The Save Configuration button also initiates a sync. The indicators show the status.

The indicator for Certificate status displays Active when valid.


  • If the indicator displays as Inactive after being Active, the certificate may have been deleted or become invalid.
  • If you are using App Scan and want to stop, you must deactivate it in AirWatch by clicking the Reconfigure option. You will not be able to deselect it in Appthority until after you have done this.
  • The Appthority MTP checkbox to Enable EMM Integration on the Admin > Organization tab can not be deselected until you disable App Scan in AirWatch.

Verify the Sync

  1. In MTP Manager, check the Integration Status list at the top of the Admin > EMM tab.
    Indicators show green for the components synced successfully.
    • If an option is not selected, or not available, its corresponding indicator remains gray.
    • If all indicators are gray, then the EMM Connector may not be connecting to the EMM. See Set Up Connectivity Requirements in AirWatch and check that the connection is Active in the Admin > Organization tab.
    • If an indicator displays red, it could mean that the sync is not yet complete, or that your API permissions have not been set correctly in your EMM. See Set Up Connectivity Requirements in AirWatch or contact your Customer Success Manager to troubleshoot.
  2. In the MTP Manager Admin > EMM > Data Synchronization panel, check the Last sync event datetime and any status messages.
  3. In MTP Manager, check the following tabs to see the updates:
  • The Devices tab displays the list of devices from the EMM.
  • The Apps tab displays the list of apps from the EMM.

Go to AirWatch and Configure Policies

Now that Appthority MTP and AirWatch are communicating, go to the AirWatch console, view the Assignment Groups, and set policies.

Next Step: Configure Policy Enforcement using the App Scan Workflow.

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