Set Up Connectivity Requirements in AirWatch

EMM Connector integration with AirWatch requires some updates in AirWatch.

AirWatch Requirements Overview

First you create a role to be used with Appthority MTP and assign it to an AirWatch user. Then you enable access to specific AirWatch APIs and get the API Key. See:

After these steps, you either configure syncing using one of two workflows: App Scan, or MTP.

Later, after the initial sync has been established, you set up policy enforcement in AirWatch for violations reported by Appthority MTP.

Create a Role and Assign it to an AirWatch User

First, create a new Appthority MTP Administrator role in AirWatch. This role will be able to:

  • Sync app inventory between AirWatch and Appthority MTP.
  • Dynamically push Appthority MTPblacklists to AirWatch App Groups.
  • Send push and email notifications to user devices.

Then, assign that role to the user who will perform those tasks.

Tip: You must have high-level AirWatch Administrator permissions to create a new role and assign it to a user in AirWatch.

To create a new Appthority MTP role in AirWatch

  1. In AirWatch, go to Accounts > Administrators > Roles.
  2. Click Add Role to create a new role.
  3. In Edit/Create Role, name the role and provide a description.
  4. In the Categories list, go to API > REST.
  5. Locate REST APIs for applications and click its Edit box.
  6. Locate REST APIs for device management and click Details to display its sub-items.
  7. Scroll down and click Edit for each of these APIs:
    • Rest Api Devices Write
    • REST API Devices Execute
    • Rest Api Devices Delete
    • Rest Api Devices Advanced
    • REST API Devices Read
      Selecting these device categories enables Appthority MTP to get a full app inventory and device sync between AirWatch and Appthority MTP
  8. Locate REST APIs for group management and click Detailsto show the groups.
  9. Scroll down and click the Edit/Read box for each of these groups:
    • REST API Smart Groups Write
    • REST API Smart Groups Execute
    • REST API Smart Groups Delete
    • REST API Smart Groups Read
  10. Locate Rest APIs for admin accountsand click Details to see the options.
  11. Click Read for this option:
    • REST API Admins Read
  12. Go to the Device Management tab.
  13. Click Device Details.
  14. Locate the Messaging permission group and click Edit.
  15. Scroll down and click the Edit/Read box for each of these groups:
    • Device Send Message
    • Device Send Message SMS
    • Device Send Message e-mail
    • Device Send Message Push Notification
    • Device Messenger
  1. Click Save.
    The Accounts - Roles tab lists the new role.

    Tip: You can edit the role again if needed by clicking the next to the role listing.

Next, assign the Appthority MTP role to a user in the org you want. Either edit an existing admin account or create a new one.

To assign the Appthority MTP role to an administrative user

  1. In AirWatch, click Accounts > Administrators > List View.
  2. Use the filter at the top to find a user in the org you want to use.
  3. Click the edit icon . The Add/Edit Admin screen opens.

  4. In Add/Edit Admin, click the Roles tab.
  5. Assign the role you defined previously to the admin user account.

Enable API Access and obtain the API Key

Next, enable API access and get the API key.

To enable access to the API

  1. In AirWatch, go to Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Advanced > API > REST API.
  2. Click the General tab and select Enable API Access, then copy the API Key for later use.
  3. Click Save.

Next Step: Connect with AirWatch.

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