Connect with AirWatch

You enable the EMM integration by supplying credentials that allow Appthority MTP to connect to the EMM. These settings are in the MTP Manager Admin > Organization tab.

Connection Overview

Prior to connecting, you set up connectivity prerequisites in AirWatch. See Set Up Connectivity Requirements in AirWatch.

If you want to use the on-premises version of the EMM Connector, install it prior to these steps. See Set Up the On-Premises EMM Connector.

Follow the steps below to connect to the EMM and enable EMM integration.

Optionally, while you are in the Admin > Organization tab you can:

After the connection is active, you set various integration and synchronization options in the Admin > EMM tab. These options depend on whether you are using the EMM Connector for syncs or the AirWatch App Scan functionality.

Connection Steps

To enable EMM integration

  1. Go to Admin > Organization.
  2. Click Enable EMM Integration.
  3. Select AirWatch as the vendor.
  4. Choose either the Cloud or On-Premises option for the EMM Connector deployment.
    Tip: For On-Premises EMM Connector deployment, install the connector. See Set Up the On-Premises EMM Connector.
  5. Enter the EMM Authentication information. This is the information you previously obtained from setting up the Appthority MTP role and user and getting the API key. If you haven't done this already, see Set Up Connectivity Requirements in AirWatch.
    • API Host and Port or URL: URL to the AirWatch console.
    • Username: The user in AirWatch that has the Appthority MTP role.
    • Password: Password for that user.
    • API Key: The API key generated by AirWatch for that user.
  6. Click Validate to verify the connection and credentials.
    When the connection is successful, the connector activates. After a few minutes the Inactive text changes to Active.
  1. Click Save Configuration.

Tip: Initial connections can take up to two minutes. Look for the connector status to become Active.

Next Step: Either Set Up Syncing with AirWatch using the MTP Workflow or Set Up Syncing using the App Scan Workflow.

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