Configure Policy Enforcement in AirWatch
when Using the App Scan Workflow

Important: This information is relevant only when the AirWatch integration has been configured to sync using the App Scan workflow. See Set Up Syncing using the App Scan Workflow.

When Appthority MTP detects an App Policy violation and syncs with AirWatch, the app that caused the violations appears in an app group in AirWatch.

You specify enforcement actions using AirWatch Compliance Policies to respond to the App Policy violations detected by Appthority MTP.

Caution: When you activate, deactivate, or delete an Appthority MTP App Policy, make sure to do the same with the corresponding AirWatch compliance policy.

Verify Sync in AirWatch

To verify, view these areas in your AirWatch instance:

  • Apps & Books > Applications Settings > App Groups.

Sync Again

If you do not see all of the app and assignment groups in AirWatch, you can initiate an additional sync from AirWatch. This is likely a timing issue and normally does not indicate a problem.

For example, an initial sync will get all the apps from AirWatch into Appthority MTP. Then, depending on the number of apps, it may take a bit of time for Appthority MTP to analyze the apps and produce compliance information based on the default MTT-Managed App Policies or any custom app policies, and then create the app groups in AirWatch. Therefore at a later point, prior to the regularly scheduled syncs, you can sync again to bring the compliance information into AirWatch.

To initiate an additional sync in AirWatch

In AirWatch Groups and Settings > All Settings > Apps > App Scan > Third Party Integration, click Sync Now.

Add a New Policy in AirWatch

Add a new AirWatch Compliance Policy that uses the App Policy violation information from Appthority MTP.

To add a policy and enter its parameters in AirWatch

  1. In AirWatch, go to Devices > Compliance Policies > List View.
  2. Click Add.

  3. In the popup select the mobile platform, either Android or iOS.
    Tip: Create a separate AirWatch Compliance Policy for each platform.

    The Add Compliance Policy Wizard opens.
  4. In the Rules tab, Step through the wizard to configure an AirWatch Compliance Policy based on Appthority MTP policies.
    1. Select Application List from the first dropdown.
    2. Select Contains Vendor Blacklisted Apps from the second dropdown.
    3. Select one of the app groups that corresponds to an Appthority MTP policy from the third dropdown.
  5. Click Next.
  6. In the Actions tab, specify the actions AirWatch will take to respond to a violation.
  7. Click Next.
  8. In the Assignment tab, select the group of devices that will follow this rule, such as All Devices.
  9. Click Next.
  10. In the Summary tab, edit the policy name or description.
  11. Click Finish and Activate.
  12. The new policy becomes active and is listed in AirWatch.
  13. Repeat this process for all the AirWatch compliance policies you wish to create.

Optional Next Steps:

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