Sync Appthority MTP with MobileIron

Syncing app inventory between Appthority MTP and MobileIron using the EMM Connector requires configurations in the Admin > EMM tab.

Sync Overview

Prior to syncing, you enable the EMM integration by supplying credentials that allow Appthority MTP to connect to the EMM in the Admin > Organization tab. See Connect with MobileIron.

Set Up the Sync

To set up the sync, you:

To set integration options

  1. Go to Admin > EMM.
    The options for your EMM display.
  2. Select the integration options.

Integration Option Description
Options for devices without the MTP Mobile App
For High-risk policy violations, alert the user via email and push notifications every 15 minutes for [select duration] before triggering EMM enforcement Allows Appthority MTP to send email and alerts to users before sending remediation triggers to EMM for enforcement. Select the duration of these notifications from the dropdown.
Send a daily digest to inform the user of all active app policy violations on their device Allows Appthority MTP to send emails to users with a digest of active policy violations on their device.
For medium and low risk policy violations, wait for [select duration] before triggering EMM enforcement Select how long to send digest notifications before triggering EMM enforcement.
Device Options
Display identifiable device information Imports and displays device identifiers (with no personal information) in the Devices tab.
Collect and display name, email and phone with device information Displays personal information associated with device identifiers in the Devices tab.
Important: This is Personal Identification Information (PII) and may not be appropriate for viewing. Consult your company's privacy policies before selecting this option.


To set the sync interval

  • In the Data Synchronization section, select a new Sync Interval, if you want it to be more or less frequent than every hour.
    Tip: If there are many thousands of devices in the Org, you would want to increase the Sync Interval, as it takes more time to sync more devices.

To save the EMM configuration settings and start a sync

  • At the bottom of the EMM tab, lick Save Configuration.
    Appthority MTP starts syncing with the EMM.

    The button shows a sync status, and the timestamp updates when the sync is complete.

To verify the integration status

  1. Check the Integration Status list at the top of the tab.
    Indicators show green for the components synced successfully.
    • If an option is not selected, or not available, its corresponding indicator remains gray.
    • If all indicators are gray, then the EMM Connector may not be connecting to the EMM. See Set Up Connectivity Requirements in MobileIron and check that the connection is Active in the Admin > Organization tab.
    • If an indicator displays red, it could mean that the sync is not yet complete, or that your API permissions have not been set correctly in your EMM. See Set Up Connectivity Requirements in MobileIron or contact your Customer Success Manager to troubleshoot.
  1. Once the Integration Status lights are green, check the following tabs to see the updates:
  • The Apps tab displays the list of apps from the EMM.
  • The Devices tab displays the list of devices from the EMM, and shows which if any are violating Appthority MTP policies.

Next steps: Configure Policy Enforcement in MobileIron.

To request an ad-hoc sync

  • in the Data Synchronization section, click Request Sync to start a sync.

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