Set Up Requirements in MobileIron

Integration with MobileIron first requires creating a user and assigning it roles in MobileIron. This is the user, also called the "API user", that you will enter in Appthority MTP for the authentication credentials to sync with MobileIron.

After you have set up the user, see Sync with MobileIron for instructions on how to set integration options and connect with Appthority MTP. After a successful connection, a sync initiates. When the sync is complete, you see apps from the MobileIron environment displayed on the Apps tab in MTP Manager. You can then apply a custom policy based on app behaviors, and enforce action to non-compliant devices by sending a message or retiring the device.

See Prepare for Integration before performing the following tasks.

Tip: You must have high-level MobileIron Administrator permissions to create a new user and assign roles to it in MobileIron.

Create a User in MobileIron

In the MobileIron console, you create a new Appthority MTP API admin user in the Users tab.

See the MobileIron documentation for instructions.

Assign MobileIron Roles to the User

Appthority MTP requires that the API user have specific roles within MobileIron. Once the roles are assigned, this user will be able to:

  • Sync app inventory between MobileIron and Appthority MTP.
  • Send push notifications to user devices.

Choose either:


To assign API user roles in MobileIron Cloud

  1. Go to the Users > Users tab.
  2. Select a user to modify.
  3. Click Actions > Assign Roles.

  4. In the Assign Roles popup Administrative Roles section, select:
    • System Management
    • Device Management
    • App & Content Management
    • Device App & Content Read

    The related Helpdesk Roles are selected automatically, so keep them.

  1. Click Done.
  2. To verify, the list of roles assigned to the user should look like the following screenshot:

To assign API user roles in MobileIron Core

  1. Click Admin > Admins to access admin users.
  2. Select a user to modify by checking the box next to the name, then click Actions > Edit Roles.
    Tip: You may need to create the admin user and device space in MobileIron first. Use the MobileIron documentation for guidelines on how to set these up.
  3. In the Edit Roles - [username] screen, select Admin Space > Global.
  4. In the Device Management section, select:
    • Manage Devices
    • View dashboard
    • Edit custom device attribute values
  1. In the Privacy Control section, select:
    • View apps and ibooks in device details
    • View device IP and MAC address (for MobileIron Core 9.7+)
    • Locate device
  2. In the Label Management section, select:
    • View label
    • Manage label
  1. In the App Management section, select:
    • Manage app
    • Distribute app
  1. In the Settings and Services Management section, select:
    • Manage custom attributes
  2. In the Other Roles section, select:
    • API
    1. Click Done.

Next step: Go to the Appthority MTP Admin - Organization tab and set the login configuration that connects MobileIron and Appthority MTP.

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