Configure Policy Enforcement in AirWatch
when Using the MTP Workflow

Important: This information is relevant only when the AirWatch integration has been configured using the MTP workflow. See Set Up Syncing with AirWatch using the MTP Workflow.


If you enabled EMM enforcement in the MTP workflow, then Appthority MTP syncs policy violation information, and you can add compliance policies in AirWatch that respond to those violations.

When Appthority MTP detects an App Policy violation and syncs with AirWatch, the list of devices that have apps that violate the policy appears as a device group in the AirWatch Groups & Settings > Assignment Groups list. The device group name in AirWatch is the same as the App Policy name in Appthority. This applies to:

  • The MTT-Managed App Policies
  • Any active custom App Policy that uses the "Blacklisted by IT" Threat Indicator
  • Any other active custom App Policies

You specify enforcement actions using AirWatch Compliance Policies to respond to the App Policy violations detected by Appthority MTP.

Verify Appthority MTP Assignment Groups

  1. In AirWatch, go to Groups & Settings > Assignment Groups.
  2. Browse the list and notice that groups having the same names as Appthority MTP policies are listed.

Tip: If you do not see the groups, the sync may not be operating as intended. See Set Up Syncing with AirWatch using the MTP Workflow. If you still have issues contact your CSM.

Create an AirWatch Compliance Policy

Add a new AirWatch Compliance Policy that uses the App Policy violation information from Appthority MTP.

To add a policy and enter its parameters in AirWatch

  1. In AirWatch, go to Devices > Compliance Policies > List View.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Select the mobile platform, either Android or iOS.
    Tip: Create a separate AirWatch Compliance Policy for each platform.

    The Add Compliance Policy Wizard opens.
  4. In the Rules tab, select a rule that will always resolve to TRUE. For example, most iOS devices have an OS Version that is greater than 10.0.0.
  5. In the Actions tab, select the AirWatch actions for non-compliance and click Next.
  6. In the Assignment tab, find the group created in Appthority MTP and select it, then click Next.

  7. In the Summary tab, edit the policy name or description.

  8. Click Finish and Activate.

Caution: When you activate, deactivate, or delete an Appthority MTP App Policy, make sure to do the same with the corresponding AirWatch compliance policy.

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