Data Collection and Storage

Appthority takes data privacy seriously and Appthority MTP is designed to provide security and control over any private data that is needed to support integration between Appthority MTP, an EMM, and mobile devices.

To protect customer data, Appthority adheres to strict information security and control practices, externally validated as part of our SOC 2 certification. Appthority MTP leverages the strong security controls of Amazon Web Services for cloud hosting.

What Data is Collected

You specify what data is stored in MTP Cloud and displayed in MTP Manager, based on the options you select for EMM integration with Appthority MTP. Appthority MTP does not reach into your EMM or devices, but only receives information you choose. Only app metadata, data about the app, that is sent to Appthority MTP by an EMM or devices, is required.

The Device ID is collected, but if you do not want it displayed then MTP Manager can obfuscate it with a hash.

If the MTP Mobile App is enabled device attributes and states are collected for threat protection and detection. Data sync to MTP Cloud from devices with the MTP Mobile App installed occurs when the MTP Mobile App is first launched and then automatically in the background. App metadata and the device ID are sent to MTP Cloud.

App and Device Policies can also be shared with an EMM.

Data Type Specific Data Required or Optional?
App metadata Name, platform, version Required
Device ID Unique identifier for each device Optional to display in Appthority MTP
PII Employee name, email, phone Optional with EMM integration

How Data is Stored

The data you select to share with Appthority MTP is stored in MTP Cloud in your own protected tenant, called an Organization. All data sent to the MTP Cloud uses strong encryption and security best practices, including the "extra step" of SSL Pinning.

If you have any questions about data collection and storage, contact your CSM.

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