Create a Custom Remediation Policy

Remediation Policies work with the MTP Mobile App to alert users that their devices are at risk. Use a custom Remediation Policy to define the actions to take when apps or devices are in violation, or out of compliance, based on selected App or Device Policies.

Tip: Appthority MTP Remediation Policies interact with an integrated EMM only for MTP Mobile App deployments. The MTP Mobile App must be deployed either directly or via an EMM for the options in this tab to be useful.

See Appthority MTP Overview for a discussion about policies. See About the Remediation Policies Tab for more details about the tab.

After you create Custom Remediation Policies, you can:

  • Modify them in the same Compliance > Remediation Policies tab.
  • Monitor policy violations using the Dashboard. See Use the Dashboard.
  • Get an email digest of policy violations.

Prior to creating a Custom Remediation Policy

Before you begin, make sure the following prerequisites are in place.

  • You have either the Org Admin or Policy Admin role on your user account.
  • The MTP Mobile App is deployed to the devices you wish to monitor. See the Devices tab to confirm.

To create a Custom Remediation Policy

  1. Go to Compliance > Remediation Policies.
  2. Name the policy.
  3. Select the Mobile App Device Groups that will receive the remediation notification or action.
  4. Assign a Device Policy or one or more App Policies.
    1. Click Add... .
      The Select Device/App Policies popup displays active Device or App Policies that are not already assigned to a Remediation Policy.

    2. Select App or Device for the type of policy.
      Tip: A Remediation Policy cannot contain both App and Device policies.
    3. Hover over a policy to see its description, if available.
    4. Select a policy from the list on the left and click the right arrow to add it to Selected policies.
      Tip: Repeat for multiple App Policies. There can be only one Device Policy in a Remediation Policy.
    5. Click Add Selected.
      The selected policy or policies display in the Assigned Policies section.

To set Remediation Actions

  1. Select the Send to EMM options:
    • Click Concurrently to sync to the EMM in parallel with the remediation actions, when the violation occurs.
    • Click After Remediation Actions: to sync to the EMM when the scheduled MTP Mobile App remediation actions occur.
    • Click Never to not involve the EMM.
  2. At Immediately perform the following actions, select one of the following durations:
    • Enter a number to repeat for a set number of weeks.
    • Select until resolved to repeat the actions until the violation is resolved.
  3. Click Send push notification to user.
    • Select the repetition interval.
  4. Click Save.


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